Piano Pedagogy Resource List

Method Books

Method books are generally comprised of a lesson book, technique book, theory book, and usually a recital or performance book. These extra books reinforce the ideas presented in the lesson books. For beginning teachers, I highly recommend using the set. Technique/Scale & Theory books listed below are great for use if you are piecing together your own curriculum. 

Pre-Reading (Starting Age: 4-6) 


Beginner (Starting Age: 6-10)

*Each of these series can be used with late intermediate – early advanced levels.


Older Beginner (Starting Age: 11-18)

Supplemental Materials


Beginners (Ages 6+) - Advanced


Adult Students of All Levels

*This book is all 3 levels of Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory in 1 book. Each book is also available individually for students who are ready to skip Book 1. 


Theory Websites

  • https://www.musictheory.net/lessons - This website is one of my favorites! It contains a number of theory lessons, exercises, and other tools at all levels. Exercises can be customized to the individual student. 


Most method books introduce scales in tandem with coordinating literature. For students who are ready to learn scales on their own, I recommend the following:


Intermediate - Advanced: 


*I often use these books as sight-reading reinforcement.



Tim Topham has written an excellent article outlining the best piano ped apps by category. Check it out here: https://topmusic.co/best-ipad-apps-for-piano-teachers/.